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Raymond Gali (Madrid, Spain)

Raymond Gali , although scientific training (IT Engineer), combines the teaching profession with his passion for science, technology, history and art, especially literature. In the year 2002 was triple winner of micro science fiction of the newspaper El Mundo. Precisely one of these micro-stories, Two Microwatts is the germ of this novel.

He is the author of the novels  The invincible smile of Leonardo (2.008), de Hypatia and Eternity (2.009) y de Outlandish adventures of a screening-writer(2.010)

In addition, Raymond has a blog on your website where it joins http://www.raymondgali.com reference to the official sites of the aforementioned novels. There has articles, scientific papers, stories, micro-stories, film reviews, etc.  He is actively involved in Future Times bilingual magazine of science and technology-speculative-as a film critic, editor and columnist.

Cover_Hypatia and Eternity

Hypatia and Eternity, Digital Versión © Raymond Gali, 2013-2.014