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“… Hypatia will find that there is another being that roams in the same way that she does, and which is characterised by evil and disproportionate ambition.  We find ourselves before Plato’s charioteer myth with the two horses, where one (the rational soul: Hypatia) tries to uplift mankind, and the other one (the lowest of passions: the being) tries to bring mankind down and stop it from growing.”
Vorimir (from the Hislibris historical novel portal.  Complete review HERE).

“… In the same way that Arthur Clarke’s monolith helped to transform the primate into the man of the stars, Galí’s Hypatia appears in certain crucial moments of the history of humanity in order to give it a little boost towards progression…”
Daniel Tío, (IT Engineer, Madrid).

“…The book covers the lives of geniuses like Leonardo La Vinci, Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein.  In this alternative world, their discoveries are always one or two steps ahead of those they made in our world.  It is fun to imagine what these gifted men would have discovered if the world had been just a little luckier… Hypatia and Eternity, the torch of progression”.
Juan Pablo “Palimp” (from El Cuchitril Literario portal.  Complete review and comments HERE).

"Hypatia’s spirit, freed by her composure in the face of death, passes through various important figures in different historical predicaments, in which their attitudes or discoveries, many of which are based on the learning, discovery or transmission of some kind of knowledge contained within the defunct Library of Alexandria…”
Juan Julián Merelo “J.J.” (from the Atalaya portal: desde la tela de araña.  Complete review and comments HERE).

"Ramón Galí begins his story where others end theirs: with the death of the main character.  He holds onto the essence of the character, the important part, her spirit.  The real elements swiftly fade away, forming the base for a world of fantasy, quasi ethereal, magical, where the main character shows us her essence as it really was: a woman before her time, free of ties, where reason took precedence over senses and thought flowed absolutely freely…”.
Mariano Lozano, Seattle, USA (Author of the blog Mi Ciénaga.  Complete review HERE).

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